I’m a writer, blogger, indie author, editor, researcher, historian, and (occasionally) tutor and lecturer. I spent many years in academia; I’m academic, but I’m barely an academic these days, having chosen the glorious path of freedom, independence, insecurity and borderline poverty.

I write and publish fiction and non-fiction under other names (which shall, for now, remain a secret except to a select few). This website contains my writing under my real name, some of which originally appeared on my ‘main’ website (link at the end of this post) until I decided, in what might be described as a burst of ‘brand management’ (I’m known to use this sort of language from time to time), to semi-detach my blogging/writing from my other freelance activities.

The writing here concerns various things that interest me: history, politics, education, digital culture, writing, freelancing, and sport. I tend to be quite opinionated; some of my opinion is extremely well informed, much of it less so in one way or another. I’m also polite and respectful of viewpoints different to my own. Just because many politicians and large swathes of both traditional, new and social media have reduced much communication to a culture of rudeness, stupidity and aggression doesn’t mean we are obliged to follow them down this desolate dead end of discourse.

I’ve never been persuaded that ‘the author is dead’. So for those who would like to know more about me—as well as those who would like to engage my services—I encourage you to visit http://stephenpigney.com/. I’m on Twitter and Facebook too. There are even photos of me.

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